Filtering, Scripts, Forms

Sep 24, 2012 at 6:22 PM

The filters in Excel don't seem to work so I can't filter, for example, all fields that are Auditable.  The drop-down triangles are there but disabled for some reason (Excel 2010).  If this can't be fixed, then just like you have the ability on the left-panel to only select custom attributes, perhaps other filters could be put here.

Pulling down from CRM to the spreadsheet but not pushing to CRM, it would be great to have:

1.  know if the field has any onChange jscript.  Don't know if this is possible or not?  

2.  know if the field is on any of the forms -- and fitler to only those that are on forms.  And if we had the tab and section name, that would be fantastic!  Don't know if that information is available?



Sep 24, 2012 at 7:47 PM

Thank you for your suggestions.

The problem of filter disabled is due to the excel sheet protection, to remove select the ribbon tab review and then click on unprotect sheet. The protection of the sheet has been implemented to lock the fields that are not editable. I'm thinking to remove this feature because is causing only problem.

1. This is a good idea but I think that the attributes sheet is already full of information , it should be better to create a new excel sheet with only information about the form . I will consider this for the next releases.  

2. This is already implemented but only for the default form. On the excel sheet you can see on the first column that some attributes have a different color , they are the attributes on the default form, you can filter them using the filter by color from excel.