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This page helps to solve installation problems , if you are facing installation problems please read this page and if you don't find a solution to your problem please report on the issue tracker.

I had a lot of problems with click-once if anybody have experience how to deploy office add-in and wants to help please contact me.

  • Update an older version

If you have already installed an older version you need to uninstall the older one from "Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features"

  • Certificate not trusted

One the mayor issue is due to the untrusted certificate. If click-once shows this error message you can try the method below.

How To Solve:

The application is locked because it doesn’t have a valid Digital signature, to solve follow this steps:

 1.      Right click on the zip file before extracting and select Properties

2.      On the bottom if present click on Unblock button.

3.      Try to run the application again.

If you still can't run the installation you should  download the source code, compile and run on your machine. The code for the signing key is "123456".

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