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The release is now available with the addition of the views with the possibility to edit columns. Due to the complexity of replicating Dynamics CRM editor's behaviour it's possible for the process to fail. I did some testing but the range of cases is huge. Please backup your solution before editing a view and report me any issue you will find.
I need everybody's help to test and improve the tool, please report all the issues in the "issues" section.

The view editor is based on the same logic used by the tool, the excel sheet contains for each row a column of the view, you can add or remove rows and use the button "Export changes to CRM" to update the view in the CRM.

  1. In order to edit a view you can either create a new one and add the fields or start from an existing one. To create a new view right click on "View", in the left menu, to select the entity that you need to customize the view for and choose "Add New View".  If you want to amend an existing view click on the view and an excel sheet with the view that you requested will open.
  2.  In the excel sheet you will be able to add or remove fields as you like. For the fields of the main entity the entity column is blank while for the related fields contains the related entity. When you choose an entity the operation may take some time due to the fields loading times.


  3. When you have completed the editing of the view,  you can export to CRM by clicking on “Export to CRM” button on the ribbon.
  4. A new window will open with a table which displays a preview of the operations. Click "Ok"  in order to execute the operations on the CRM.  Wait until the operation is complete, if any error occurs, the exception will be showed in the table, otherwise the operation succeeded check-box is ticked.

  5. Click on "Close and Update Sheet" to update the sheet with the changes.

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