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This Excel Add-in provides a more efficient way to customize the CRM 2011 schema. Not only it is possible to explore the entity attributes in a excel sheet as many tools do, but at same time you can update and create new attributes directly from excel. All the features are available through buttons on the excel ribbon and a panel on the right of the sheet that shows all the entities.
The idea is to keep all the information of the crm entities in an excel sheet and use the sheet as source for customize a crm application with all the common utilities provided by excel. All the customizations are made using CRM web services reading the schema information from the excel sheets in a supported way.
An excel sheet is far more faster than the classic crm web interface to manipulate entities , for example with crm excel add-in you can add option-set values in less time avoiding the annoying web interface.

This add-in works for any kind of CRM connections: on-premises , on-line office 365 and on-line live id connection.

New Release with view columns editor

How to add a new attribute

Attributes Translation

Installation Issues

Example of Excel sheet with Account entity.

Excel Sheet

The actual version allows to customize entity attributes and option set, I'm planning to improve some feature for example I'm going to add the solutions support and extend with relationship but for the moment all my effort is aiming to stabilize the current version.

 If you have any idea to improve this add-id please use the discussion page to give me some good advice.

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