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Unzip the file , execute setup.exe

Installation Issues

How To Use:

The main operations of the add-in can be achived through the ribbon buttons. Once installed a new ribbon tab is added to excel, the tab contains 5 buttons


ConnectButton.PNG The connect button shows a connection form. In the form you must provide the information of crm connection and choose an available organization, the connection is for both on-premises and online crm . For online connection leave port number empty.

 The export button is the main button to export your customization made in the excel sheet to crm shema, pressing on the button shows a form where it is possible to see all the customizations before commit to crm. On the form you can choose on a table which customizations you want to export, when you are ready, click on Ok button and all the change are sent to crm. At the end of the operations in the table appears which operation fails with the relative exception.

GetEnitiesListButton.PNG  The get entity list opens the left menu panel where is shown a list of all entities. If it is already open, it updates the current open panel with entities of CRM . More Info
SynchronizeEnity.PNG  The synchronize button helps when you need to save the sheet and in a second time you need to reopen and reuse to make customization.
updateSheet.PNG  This button updates the current sheet, reading from crm the latest version of the entity.

Creating Fields:

When you are going to add new fields on an entity, to use the proper prefix, select the project where the wanted prefix is (or a solution with the publisher that contains the proper prefix otherwise the default one will be used "new_").

Change prefix

Is a small note but since I recently used the plugin to duplicate an entity with 300 fields it can save you a lot of trouble. I realized my mistake too late, and all the internal names were wrong.

NOTE: Before load the entity select the proper solution otherwise the "publisher" will be the wrong one and the prefix used for the internal names will be the wrong one too.

To set the proper publisher, after you selected the wrong one,  you will be forced to close down excel and reopen it.

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