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In order to add a new attribute :

  1. Connect to CRM using the button on the ribbon
  2. Chose on the left menu to which entity you want to add an attribute clinking on the entity name. Once clicked the entity is shown on the excel sheet.
  3. Add the attribute definition in the first free excel row. You must insert at least : schema name, display name and the type of the attribute. The other information if not provided are filled with default values. The first 2 rows are looked because are not editable.

  4. When all the details about the attribute are filled you can export to CRM clicking on “Export to CRM” button on the ribbon.
  5. A new windows is opened with a table which displays a preview of the operation that are going to be made on CRM. Click Ok to execute the operation. Wait until the operation is complete, if any error occurred in the table is showed the exception otherwise the operation succeeded column in the table is ticked.

  6. Click on "close and update sheet" to update the sheet with the attribute created.

 You can create as many attribute as want at the same time and click on export button once.

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CharlieButler May 19, 2013 at 1:57 PM 
I could help you with the documentation, if you like. It sounds like English may not be your first language. The documentation is understandable but some plurals and singulars and cases and tenses are a bit incorrect. It would not take long to clean those up so that the documentation reads a little better. It would give overall credibility to the product as well. This is a perfect fit for what our company does so we will be giving it a good test.