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A new feature introduced from the release helps to translate fields display name and description.

Language pack must be installed and activated for the organization that you need to translate fields.

Steps to translate fields:

  1. Connect to CRM and select an organization.
  2. When loading is completed select the entity on the right panel and select attributes (you can use solution filter to show only the entities in your solution).

    Right Panel

  3. The fields (display name, description) are shown in the language selected in the right panel.

  4. You can change fields language changing the language and clicking on the ribbon button update (the sheet are refreshed with the fields in the selected language).
  5. On the excel sheet you can add your custom label translation.
  6. Import the customization on CRM clicking on the ribbon button "Export Changes to CRM".
  7. Click ok button to confirm.

 You can translate option set labels in the same way as attributes.

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